Getting out into Gwaii Haanas with Moresby Explorers

Seaport B&B is owned by Moresby Explorers, a local tour operator and rental company. They have explored the waters around Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage site since 1988, earning themselves a fantastic reputation for providing fun, educational and safe wilderness adventures at affordable prices. Whether you're looking to head out with them for the day, or embark on a week long adventure of your own with their rental kayaks, "MorEx" is the go-to place for all things Gwaii Haanas.

A Few of our Featured Tours & Services

Louise Island Day Tour

This tour is a full circumnavigation around Louise Island, the third biggest island on Haida Gwaii. We incorporate a number of stops along the way, filling out our day with a mix of Haida cultural history, logging history, natural history and as much wildlife as we can find. Highlights include a visit to Skedans, intertidal life, old logging sites & more!

4 Day Gwaii Haanas Tour

This tour visits all the main sites, with time to explore. You will learn the history of the islands starting with how and where they formed and the impacts of the last ice age, to the human history both Haida and European. We will visit little bays and estuaries very few people see, and we will still have time to find and view the wildlife.               

Long-Term Kayak & Gear Rentals

We provide long-term rentals of high quality, Canadian made, fiberglass sea kayaks. Chosen for reliability, stability, performance and capacity, these boats are perfect for a multi-day journey through Gwaii Haanas. Each boat comes with essential gear, and we also rent VHF radios. All equipment must be rented for a minimum of one week.

Looking for Something Else? Check out these great operators!


Moresby Explorers specializes in zodiac tours and long-term gear rental. We do not offer guided kayak trips or short-term rentals, but we know a ton of great companies who do!

Check out the Gwaii Haanas Tour Operators Association for a list of companies offering guided kayak tours, guided mothership tours, powerboat tours, sailboat tours and accommodation. Each company listed here offers an unforgettable service sure to meet your particular needs!